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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Pre-made herbal formulas were discussed in writing as far back as the Warring States period of Chinese history (403-221B.C.) . Formulas still in use today go back to the Han Dynasty (206-220A.D.), over 2000 years ago. Pre-made formulations are still popular today because they are convenient, they work and they are economical.

Pre-made formulas come in powders, tablets and capsules. Other preparations include syrup, ointments, softgel capsules, water and alcohol extracts. These save you from having to cook or otherwise prepare loose herbs at home. Pre-made tablets are also easy to take with you to work, out to dinner or traveling.

They are made for specific internal (by mouth) or external (on the skin/topical) use. External preparations include herbal adhesive plasters used to help alleviate pain and speed healing.

There are times when it is preferable to customize formulas more specifically to your needs. In this case, the formula can be made exactly for you.

Honso, Plum Flower, Golden Flower, Blue Poppy, Evergreen and Health Concerns are among the brands of pre-made formulas available here at the Clinic. These formulations are all tested multiple times in the manufacturing process for quality and purity.

Herbal Consult

Requesting an herbal consult is as easy as asking for an acupuncture session. They are similar in that you will fill out a questionnaire prior to an interview. Please provide a list of prescription drugs you are taking, if any. Also, bring any over-the-counter product you use that contains herbs.

After an interview, the practitioner will look at your tongue and take your pulses. The practitioner will then provide you with the needed formula or formulas, and instruct you how and when to take it/them. This initial session will take from 20 to 40 minutes. Follow-up visits will insure that your original needs are being met and allow for changes or different needs.

Sometimes a formula is taken for a week (for example, for the common cold) or for a longer duration, as in allergy prevention, improve digestive function, ease menstrual/menopausal issues, to improve memory or help with insomnia.

Some other conditions usually amenable to herbal therapy include dry cough, diarrhea, constipation, easy bruising, cold intolerance, depression and irritability. Many other difficulties can be helped with herbal formulas as well. Please call to ask about your specific needs.

Be sure to call (319-9711) with your questions about this kind of session. Helene will be happy to talk with you.

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