Allergy Treatment

Do you remember the last time you were allergy free? When you weren’t feeling congested or clogged up? Or do you have seasonal allergies?

In Tucson typically spring, autumn and winter are potential allergy times.

If you have seasonal allergies, are you looking for relief? Want to feel revitalized?

  • Allergy elimination for foods. For example: wheat, chocolate.
  • Allergic reactions to molds, cats, dogs, etc.
  • Allergic reactions to Southwest pollens and plants. For example, desert broom, cedar and grasses.
  • Allergic reaction to perfumes, petroleum products.
  • Stuffiness only at your workplace.

How does it work?

The Allergy Treatment Technique re-programs your body to respond to a specific substance in a healthful manner.

That means you could breathe better, sleep more deeply, think more clearly and have more fun!

Be sure to call (319-9711) with your questions about this kind of session. Helene or Katherine will be happy to talk with you.