Celeste Rogers, LMT, CTP

I have been a licensed massage therapist for 38 years and a Certified Trager® Practitioner since 1985. My background includes training and experience in a variety of bodywork modalities, emotional release work, hypnotherapy, stress management, sound healing, and creative movement and dance. I have been a massage and movement educator since 1993. I am also a Certified Music Practitioner.


My work at Saguaro Clinic focuses exclusively on The Trager® Approach, an innovative approach to body/mind integration and movement re-education pioneered by Milton Trager, MD. Trager is designed to facilitate the release of unconscious patterns of tension and to restore a feeling of agelessness to body and mind. After I had my first Trager session I felt like my senses had been awakened from a deep sleep. I felt truly alive for the first time in years.


During a Trager session, gentle and rhythmic shaking, stretching and rocking movements are used to suggest ever deeper states of release, openness and lengthening of the muscles, and lightness, ease and balance in attitude and posture. As a recipient, you experience the possibility of moving freely, comfortably and gracefully. You also experience improved structural flexibility and alignment, increased vitality and deep relaxation. A short period of instruction in the use of Mentastics ® is included in each session. These simple, effortless, dance-like movements help maintain and enhance the effects of the tablework and teach you how to move more efficiently and comfortably on your own. Tragerwork is gentle, non-invasive and non-threatening. If you are shy or uncomfortable about disrobing, you can stay fully clothed for a Trager session.


In my Trager practice I have seen chronically tense muscles become softer, stiff joints become more flexible, bent bodies become straighter, restless insomniacs fall asleep, and faces and bodies contracted in pain relax. I specialize in working with the elderly and people of all ages with chronic conditions or pain, as well as those seeking to get more in touch with their bodies and/or emotions.


I look forward to working with you!


Celeste Rogers, LMT, CPT