Karen Jablo, LMT, CJSJT


Kare Jablo, B.A., L.M.T. (520) 250-3522

Karen Jablo is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 13 years in bodywork experience. She has a caring, confident and experienced  touch that you can trust.  When you get a massage from Karen, you can take comfort in knowing you are safe to totally relax and let go.  Her work is slow and intentional to give your body the time needed to naturally move into balance.  She is sensitive to your needs and good at perceiving which muscle groups need attention and how much they need.  You will be amazed at how easily your tensions will melt away and how quickly you can get back to enjoying your life.

Karen also offers Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient hands on healing art that helps balance your chi and promotes physical and emotional health.  You may request to have an entire session of JSJ or have it incorporated into your massage for added benefit.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Classes

Did you know that you can use your own hands to help heal yourself? Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) Self-Help is an easy and fun way to treat yourself using an ancient healing art.  With JSJ you will learn to use the energy (chi) that flows through your hands to create a jumper cable effect that can be used to balance your energy and promote healing.

In this class you will learn about the time tested Art of JSJ and be gently guided through a step by step practical application of the Art.  This class promotes self-awareness and helps you come to a place of living and breathing in the art of JSJ.  It is truly like giving and receiving a treatment all at one time.  It is a wonderful gift of harmony that you can give yourself.

The class is taught by Karen Jablo. She has years of experience in wellness group facilitation and has been teaching JSJ Self-Help for over  8 years.  Karen believes that while people have differing learning styles, utilizing tools that speak to multiple styles deepens the learning experience.  She incorporates auditory, sensory and mindful experiences in her classes to help students grasp the concepts of JSJ with a higher level of awareness.  Se has a gentle way of teaching which allows students to learn in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere.

JSJ Self-Help classes are are a perfect complement to other wellness treatments, such as Acupuncture, Melting Muscles Massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions.

Please call (520) 250-3522 for more information about classes and workshops.


“As soon as I get on the table and my session with Karen begins, I immediately relax–I feel so comfortable, so relaxed, so safe, and I can really let go.” L.K.

“Thank you so much Karen. You are the one who helped me out of my neck pain when no one else did.  I felt better after just one session.” M.W.

“When my scalp and feet are responding to stress with tightness and pain, you are the one who can help me feel so great again in just one hour! H.C.