Deborah L. Malone, L. Ac.

I have been using herbs, nutrition, and holistic medicine for over 40 years. I found Acupuncture and Asian Medicine about 18 years ago and have been in private practice since 1999. I am happy to join the practitioners at Saguaro Clinic, adding my skills to theirs to serve you best.

My areas of expertise are back, shoulder, knee and general pain relief; stroke recovery, macular degeneration treatment, PTSD, anxiety and depression treatment (complementary to appropriate mental health treatment) as well as support for smoking cessation and other addictions; also laser treatment for weight loss support. I am proud to be able to actively assist veterans with physical and emotional issues that interfere with a good quality of life, even long-tern intractable pain.

In addition I offer computerized stress analysis and non-needle treatments for those who wish to avoid needles for whatever reason.

I look forward to assisting you and  supporting you to successfully regain or maintain your health.

Phone: 520-471-7808